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Defense Investigator Paris London
and Attorney F. Lee Bailey

Defense Investigator Paris London
and Attorney William "billy" Murphy Jr.

Defense Investigator Paris London
and Attorney Barry Scheck & Attorney Marvin Miller

Defense Investigator Paris London
and Attorney Jack Denaro, and Attorney Roderick Vereen

Paris London is the owner and operator of The Detective Agency. Mr. London has over 20 years of legal and investigative experience in the United States Army working in C.ID., an as a paralegal as well as a licensed private investigator conducting investigations for the defense in high-level drug trafficking and money laundering cases.

Paris London have offered competent and professional criminal defense investigative services to legal entities throughout the United States.

He has provided criminal defense investigative services in intricate, multi-co-defendant criminal cases to major highly publicized criminal cases that contain matters ranging from routine to highly complex issues. This is a task that he has mastered with great expertise.

He has offices throughout the United States, and he works with and has experienced criminal defense investigators who can investigate your case and obtain the vital information you need. Providing the intelligence, experience, and expertise needed to properly investigate your case from the perspective of the defense. Our criminal investigators are experienced at interviewing witnesses, becoming familiar with crime scenes, and knowing the facts of the case better than the other side.

Our criminal investigators specialize in various criminal investigations including but not limited to Murder, Attempted Murder, Robbery, Armed Robbery, False Imprisonment and Kidnapping, Assault, Gang Enhancements, Drug Conspiracy , Multi-Co-defendant, CCE... ect.

It is important to remember that the role of an attorney is in the courtroom. An attorney talks to the judge, prosecution, jury, and cross examines witnesses. Even if you have a criminal defense attorney, having a skilled criminal defense investigator can be critical to the outcome of your case.

If you're going to fight your case and go to trial, you need a complete investigation conducted on your behalf. There are vital witnesses that need to be found and interviewed, and various records that need to be obtained right away.

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Our criminal/civil private investigators specialize in working with each client individually through personal type cases pertaining to criminal, civil, background checks, asset locating, due diligence, and all discreet and confidential issues.