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Our Services

The Detective Agency is a unique full service investigative agency, offering notable and proven results.

The Detective Agency Offers:

• A complete range of legal investigative services
• To target a variety of legal needs
• Consolidation of all investigative needs into one company
• The elimination of the uncomfortable task of utilizing several companies with different levels of service
• An experience staff dedicated to accurate personal service and timely delivery of information

Listing of Services (Additional categories of information will be furnished upon request)

Trial Preparation

• Location of Witnesses
• Statements
• Photography/Video

Background Investigation

• Pre-employment
• Employment Promotions
• Due Diligence
• Pre-Marital

Insurance Investigation

• Workers Compensation
• Wrongful Death
• Product Liability
• Subrogation
• Surveillance

Criminal Investigation

• Felonies
• Misdemeanors
• Citations

White Collar Crime

• Fraud
• Employee Integrity
• Sabotage
• Computer Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Industrial Espionage

Public Records Search

• Arrest Records
• Law Suits & Litigation
• Bankruptcy
• Property Transactions/Ownership
• Driving Records
• UUC Filings
• Vessel & Vehicle Ownership
• Corporate Information

Financial Investigation

• Locate and Verify Assets
• Bank Records
• Due Diligence
• Merger and Acquisitions
• Credit Reports

Missing Persons

• Witness
• Heirs
• Debtors
• Family Members


• Workers Compensation Claims
• Employee Theft/Embezzlement
• Insurance Fraud
• Government Witnesses
• Crime Scenes

Infringement Actions

• Counterfeit Products
• Trademark/Copyright

Certified Process Services

• All Civil and Criminal Documents

Special Investigations -

In addition to the categories listed, The Detective Agency can investigate matters of any specific nature according to the need of our clients.

The Detective Agency can maximize your potential for success by providing the best information. Our policy is to procure information through qualified personnel and professional investigation.

All services are performed within the guidelines of ethical and legal practice. Our services are designed to fit your investigative requirements.

Our Services

Accident investigations
Accident reconstruction
Address search & verification
Affidavits taken
Affiliation checks
Aircraft records searches & verification
Appellate court decision searches
Arrest procedures-- consulting
Arson investigations
Articles of incorporation searches
Asset searches & verification
Automobile registration verification
Bail bonds recovery
Bail Enforcement Agents
Bankruptcy record searches & verification
Birth records verification
Boat & Vessel records searches
Business records
Casino internal affairs investigations
Casino security consulting
Casino security training
Civil case investigations
Computer forensics
Computer threat matrix evaluations
Copyright searches and investigations
Corporate officer search & verification
Court records searches
Court reporting
Credit background investigations
Credit card records
Credit reporting
Criminal defense investigations
Death records searches & verification
Debt collections
Deposition summaries
Divorce records searches & verification
Document verification & analysis
Drivers records searches & verification
Due diligence investigations
Education verification
Employment records searches & verification
Estate tax releases
Executive and personal protection-- anywhere
Extortion investigations
Federal records
Financial records
Flight records
Fraud investigations
Grantee & Grantor index searches
Hand writing examination & analysis
Homeland Security risk assessment
Insurance investigations (Homicide-Arson-Theft-Fraud-Accident-Worker's Comp.-etc.)
Intellectual property (trademark--gray market--counterfeiting) investigations
Interviewing of persons
Law enforcement internal affairs investigations & consulting
Investigator/Detective malpractice investigations
Judgment collection support
Judgment searches
Law enforcement procedures--consulting
Licensing and merchandising investigations
Lien searches & verification
Litigation damage assessments
Litigation (party) search
Locate hidden assets
Locate missing persons
Medical backgrounds
Medical claims
Maritime record searches & verification
Marriage records searches
Missing heir searches & locates
Mortgage/Title searches & verification
Motor vehicle records searches
Name searches
Newspaper searches
Non-published number breaks
Personal background investigations
Phone records-- cellular & land lines (Service void where prohibited by law.)
Political investigations
Public official investigations
Pre-Employment background investigations
Pre-Litigation investigations
Professional license & certifications verification
Real property searches & records retrieval services
Reference verifications
Registered agent searches
Security surveys & planning
Service of Process and documents
Skip Tracing
Search and seizure review--consulting
Social Security checks
State records
Statements taken
Tax evasion investigations (State & Federal)
Terrorist threat evaluations local & foreign
Trademark infringement investigations
Translations (various languages)
Uniform Commercial Code filing checks
Undercover investigations
Unemployment records check
Unlawful detained & false arrest investigations
Use of force review-- consulting
Vehicle records
Vehicle tracking (cellular--plane--satellite)
Video surveillance (rural and city)
Witness searches & locates


High Professional Standards

Your Personal Private Investigator
Our criminal/civil private investigators specialize in working with each client individually through personal type cases pertaining to criminal, civil, background checks, asset locating, due diligence, and all discreet and confidential issues.